Microprocesssor Controlled Ankles/Feet

Manuel Garcia Prosthetic and Orthotic Centers has been an industry leader in microprocessor controlled prosthetic technology, as new technology is developed we are on the front of it's development and utilization. We have Beta tested multiple products for manufactures developing new and innovative products for amputees.


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  • Walk with a more natural gait at your chosen speed using the same energy as a non-amputee

  • Navigate uneven terrain with less effort and greater speed

  • Overcome challenges of traditional prostheses

  • Live more independently, return to work, and live life with greater enjoyment and ease than ever before.

Proprio Foot

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  • Ankle motion: lifts the toe to reduce the risk of trips and falls and mimics natural ankle motion to facilitate chair exit, reducing strain on the knees, hips, and back.
  • Intelligent terrain adaptation: intelligent terrain adaptation provides unparalleled stability, efficiency, and comfort on ramps, slopes, and stairs
  • Natural function: adjusts to different heel heights, allowing the user to safely change shoes while maintaining symmetry and alignment. It relaxes to flatten discretely to the ground when in a seated position, reducing pressure in the socket and knee while improving symmetry.

Elan Foot

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  • Microprocessor controlled terrain response
  • Adaptive dorsi-flexion and plantar-flexion
  • Variable response to speed changes
  • Foot response increases as incline increases
  • Sensors initiate change instantly
  • Batteries contained within ankle
  • No ungainly battery or program devices to be attached proximally