Microprocesssor Controlled Knees

Manuel Garcia Prosthetic and Orthotic Centers has been an industry leader in microprocessor controlled prosthetic technology, as new technology is developed we are on the front of it's development and utilization. We have Beta tested multiple products for manufactures developing new and innovative products for amputees.

The C-Leg

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  • Electronics calibrated to individual gait
  • Improved stumble recovery
  • Weight limit: 300 lbs,
  • Multiple modes for multiple activities 2 activity modes, such as specific job tasks or riding a bike.
  • Hours of power: The lithium-ion battery provides 40 – 45 hours of power before re-charging is needed.

Plie' Knee

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  • Rapid Reaction to Gait Changes: A finely tuned control system enables the Plié 2.0 to respond to ambulatory stimuli within 10 milliseconds.
  • Advanced Stumble Recovery Capabilities
  • Optimized Swing Flexion Resistance: The hydraulic cylinder changes resistance in the spool valve that opens and closes in 10 milliseconds.
  • Low-Profile and Ultra-Lightweight Design
  • Durable and Reliable: high-performance aluminum frame,
  • Water Resistant Electronics
  • Plié Designer Fairings


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  • The world’s first microprocessor knee system to utilize the power of artificial intelligence
  • The silver gray impact-resistant shell is made of of high-resistance polyurethane, its shape reflecting the anatomy of the human knee and lower leg.
  • A soft pad at the front improves sensation when kneeling.
  • Integrated with a Bluetooth® module for wireless communication and setup processes,
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery, which provides 24-48 hours of continuous use, dependent on activities.

Orion Knee

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The Orion is a microprocessor controlled prosthetic knee in which the sensors measure knee action in real time and process that information to anticipate support and speed requirements. Hydraulic and pneumatic knee control actuators regulate the knee speed and security providing optimal walking on stairs, slopes and over flat terrain. This results in fewer falls for the person wearing the prosthesis and a very natural and relaxed gait.


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  • Walk up stairs step over step
  • Cross obstacles more smoothly
  • Walk backwards, forwards
  • Stand more easily
  • Sit naturally
  • Water-resistant—and more: the Genium is rated IPX-4 – which means protection against splashed water from all sides.
  • Stability and function in the palm of the hand: 5 available activity modes
  • Battery life of 5 days,
  • Weight limit: maximum limit up to 330 lbs.