Patient Services

All patients at Manuel Garcia Prosthetic and Orthotic Centers receive individualized attention that focuses on caring and commitment.  As part of the fitting process patients will be guided through these steps with our quality staff.

Manuel Garcia Prosthetic and Orthotics Centers specializes in many types and styles of Prosthetic limbs, the following is a condensed list of our specialties:

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Lower Limb

Transtibial Prostheses
Transfemoral Prostheses
Partial Foot Prostheses
Hip disarticulation & Hemi-pelvectomy prostheses Including the
Helix 3D Hip Joint

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Upper Limb

Conventional & Body Powered Prosthetic Systems
Myo-electric Prostheses including

i-Limb Prosthesis

Cosmetic restorations
Forequarter & Shoulder disarticulation

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Special Prosthesis

Swimming Prostheses
Running Prosthesis
Microprocessor Controlled Prosthesis
Elevated Vacuum Suspension--VASS/LimbLogic
M.A.S Certified Transfemoral Socket Design Certified
CAD/CAM- Omega System
Totally Customized Cosmetics

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• Spinal
• Pedorthics
• Pediatric Bracing
• Fracture Bracing

Lower Limb:
• Foot Orthotics – FO
• Ankle Foot Orthotics – AFO
• Knee Ankle Foot Orthotics – KAFO
• Knee Orthotics – KO
• Hip Orthotics- HO
• Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthotics – HKAFO
• Pressure Relief Ankle Foot Orthotics – PRAFO
• Therapeutic /Diabetic Shoes and Inserts